Privacy Policy

Legal structure is run by a private person who is a citizen of Finland.

Legal orders complies to legal orders according to Finnish law. For the spirit of transparency, we publish legal orders at our transparency page unless prohibited to do so.

Location of stored data

Servers that store user data are located in:

Service-specific policies

Open BitTorrent Tracker

No logs (other than statistics) are made. Configuration files can be found from here.


Data not collected:


Data we collect:

Please note that the email address you use for commits is public (available through git log).


Please note that the email address you use for commits is public (available through git log).

GitLab Pages


Free authoritative DNS

The master and slave servers don't collect any access log data that we are aware of. Statistics data (amount of queries) may be collected.


Our email server is located in Luxembourg, owned by Frantech (based in Canada).

Email transmission logs are kept indefinitely.

Webserver logs

Please use Tor or other network privacy tools (such as VPNs, proxies) to hide your IP address from my webservers if you are concerned about collection of IP addresses.

No access logs or error logs are made for the following domains:

Anonymized access & error logs (+ no IP sent to backend) are enabled for the following domains:

Access and error logs are enabled for following domains:


CSP report endpoint ( may log your IP and other metadata (such as browser, operating system, etc.).
See Report URI's privacy policy for more information. Please block CSP reporting using uBlock Origin if you don't want to send CSP reports.

Error logs may save your IP address.

Deletion of data

To delete your data, some services have built-in tools to delete it. You also may contact us at

Export your data

Some services allow self-export of data. For other services, contact us at

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy.

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