IP address API

IPv6+IPv4: https://lelux.fi/myip (alternative: https://myip.lelux.fi/myip)

IPv4: https://tracker.lelux.fi/myip

IPv6: https://tracker6.lelux.fi/myip

Plaintext HTTP (http://) works as well (excl. https://lelux.fi/myip) but use of it is not recommended.

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If any questions arise, contact us.

Reverse DNS API


Returns one (1) reverse DNS record for specified domain.

If you need more, check out our sister project TelcoDB's reverse DNS lookup API.

Embetty server

Embetty displays remote content like tweets or YouTube videos without compromising your privacy.

Moved here.

Self-hosted Iframely API server

Documentation can be found here. In case of any suggestions/questions/problems, contact us.

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